For your convenience we have provided you with some answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How do I book a unit?
    It’s simple and quick. Have a read through the FAQ’s below and fill out the forms at the bottom.  Alternatively you can phone us and we’ll organise a convenient time to meet at the facility and sign up on the spot.
  • What size storage unit do I need ?
    Great question. We suggest you use the space calculator to work that out and then come back here and book your space.
  • What hours can I access my unit ?
    Our hours of access are 7 am to 7 pm 7 days a week.
  • Is there security at the facility ?
    Yes. The yard has secure fencing, a locked gate, CCTV cameras and the owner and his family live on the facility.
  • Can I inspect the facility before going ahead ?
    Certainly. Please contact us via the contact form or phone to arrange a convenient time.
  • Do I have to pay a bond ?
    Yes. The amount of the bond is normally 100% of the monthly rental of your unit. Ie if the monthly rental is $250 then the bond is $250. The bond is fully refundable if the unit is left clean and you provide 14 days notice to leave. We reserve the right to vary the bond amount.
  • Are there any other up front costs ?
    We require the bond and the first months rent cleared in our account or in cash prior to admission.
  • Do I have to give notice when I’m leaving ?
    Yes you are required to give at least 14 days notice.
  • How long can I stay ?
    There is no limit to how long you can stay.
  • Is there a minimum stay ?
    The minimum charge is one month plus a $50 admin charge for stays under 2 months.
  • How do I pay for my unit ?
    The only method of payment we accept is Direct Debit via the Ezidebit system. You can provide Ezidebit with either credit card or BSB and account details.
  • When is my first payment due ?
    Your deposit and first month or fortnights payment is due on booking.
  • When is my next payment due ?
    At the end of your first rental period and then ongoing.
  • What happens if my payment fails ?
    You will be charged a $9.90 failed payment fee from Ezidebit and the system will attempt another debit 3 business days after.Please get in touch before this happens and we will work through a solution.
  • Are there any admin fees or minimum charges ?
    Yes. The minimum charge is one month plus a $50 admin fee. The admin fee is waived after 2 months
  • What happens if my payment day falls on a weekend or public holiday ?
    Ezidebit will take the payment the following business day. Please note the payments is debited a few minutes after midnight.
  • What happens if I don’t fit into my chosen unit ?
    We’ll simply rent you an additional unit to suit and reduce the entire invoice by 10%
  • Are there any discounts for advance payments ?
    Yes, we welcome advance payments.
    Pay 3 months up front and receive a bonus week.
    Pay 6 months up front and receive a bonus 15 days.
    Pay 11 months up front and the 12th is on us.
  • Do I have to supply my own padlock ?
    Yes you do although we can sell you a padlock for $20 if you need one. Medium size is suitable.
  • Do you sell moving boxes and accessories?
    Yes. We sell boxes, bubble wrap, tape, tape dispensers and also padlocks.
    Tea chest size in packs of 10 are $75.
    Half Tea chest heavy duty $75 for ten.
    Packaging Tape $5 roll.
    Tape dispenser $30.
    Bubble wrap $5 per metre.
    Padlocks $20.
    Dehumidifier 280g  $5
  • Is there plenty of room to manoeuvre around the facility ?
    The facility has been designed with ease of access in mind. Every unit is accessible via truck or car/trailer , 99% of the facility can be driven through with no reversing !
  • Do the units have adequate ventilation ?
    Our units are of the highest quality and have ample ventilation .
  • How do I care for my goods whilst they are in storage ?
    Please allow adequate space for air flow in the units. It helps if you need to find things too.  Be careful bringing things into the unit that may have been in a damp part of your home ie garage/shed/outdoor. We strongly recommend placing moisture absorbers in the unit.
  • Is storage `at my own risk` ?
    Yes. If you wish to insure your goods please do so. That being said, security is paramount at Sapphire Self Storage. We have security fencing , CCTV and the owner lives on the premises. We have never had an incident.
  • How do I book a unit?
    Fill out the booking form and we can get everything organised for you via email. It’s simple and quick! Alternatively you can call us and we’ll organise a convenient time to meet at the facility and sign up on the spot.

Please contact us if you have any more questions we can help you with.